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The UpsideDown project started life as a journey through the New York underground capturing images in iconic places.

After the success of this first run, I felt the project coul

d be broader; not only recording the upside down aspect but also documenting people’s reactions to seeing something different and unusual in familiar places. In conjunction with a group of talented photographers, we visited London, Paris and Manchester to repeat the process.

The aim of the project is to bring yoga, and the art of being upside down, into people’s everyday experiences. By doing the unpredictable in our shared urban environments, we remind ourselves that we are capable of doing so MUCH more.

When we go upside down, we choose to view the familiar from a new angle and, in this way, we can uncover new meanings and hidden truths in our everyday landscapes. It reminds us that life can be how you choose to live it.

I want to take yoga away from the insular spaces and “off the mat”, to where ordinary people walk, work and live.