Katie’s teaching techniques have been introduced to corporate establishments. Stress management workshops and classes can form a key part of an organisation’s stress management strategy and demonstrates a supportive and proactive approach to improving well-being, team building, and motivation of employees.  Katie has worked with company’s such as GE Capital.

“Katie is an excellent Yoga teacher we invited her into the office, every week she takes a 1 hour yoga class. I would recommend Katie for yoga and stress management workshops.”
Nicole Horman – Strategic Project Leader at GE Capital

According to the Health and Safety Executive:
• Work-related stress is the biggest occupational health problem in the UK, after back problems
• The law requires organisations to take action.
• “13.4 million Working days a year are lost to stress in the UK with 1 in 4 people affected”
• “Stress is likely to become the greatest emerging risk to business in the 21st century”. (Associated Insurers Group)
• “Stress related illness costs the UK £3.75 Billion annually”