Katie is a Yoga Master, an expert in her field, and has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for her subject; she is the modern face of Yoga.
Katie brings to individuals, groups, sports associations, schools and companies by sparking Yoga accessibility to people at all levels and at any level of ability. She has introduced Yoga to people of all ages and at all levels of physical fitness. Through her Yoga Inspiration techniques she is then able to draw the very best from everybody, bringing them up to levels of mental and physical health and well-being which they would never have imagined they could achieve.
Yoga is sometimes not understood or valued correctly; indeed there can be a form of stigma attached to it. Katie has created a fun, exciting and inspirational way to deliver health and wholesome goodness back into your life!
This vibrant Yoga Master is keen to prove that the ancient art form of Yoga is just as valid in modern day life. The stresses accumulated from attachment to emotions and experiences in personal and business lives can be easily removed by Yoga practice.
Katie is a published author – ‘Yoga Inspiration – An Easy Guide’ and has now released her first ‘Yoga Inspiration Relaxation’ CD. She works with some of Great Britain’s top Olympic Athletes, teams, physiotherapists and sports scientists. She is also providing authoritative input to academic studies at John Moore’s University to ensure that her Yoga methods receive the appropriate value and recognition.
She has appeared on TV – The One Show (BBC 1) – and has several clips on YouTube, demonstrating her work, delivering classes and training to top athletes and the community. You can see her work with some of Britain’s Olympic swimmers

Katie has completed Sivananda yoga teacher training 2007, Advanced  Sivananda yoga teacher training 2010 and Sadhana intensive 2011, and continues to study, the ancient texts of Yoga scriptures to ensure the value of the service she offers.  http://www.sivananda.org

Om Om Om