A Preliminary Investigation Into the Effect of Yoga Practice
on Mindfulness and Flow in Elite Youth Swimmers.

Research has indicated positive effects of mindfulness training as a performance-based intervention and of yoga on mindfulness. This study examined the effects of a 10-week yoga intervention on mindfulness and dispositional flow of elite youth swimmers using a mixed methods design. No significant changes in mindfulness and dispositional flow were identified. Qualitative data suggested that the 10-week yoga intervention had a positive impact on a range of physiological, cognitive, and performance parameters that included elements of mindfulness and flow. Methodological considerations for future research are discussed.

Katie Giannoulatos has worked with John Moore’s University  and the Amateur Swimming Association to provide a research study on how Yoga methods are proving to be key skills in improving athlete’s performance both at the physical and mental levels.  The research paper is published with the Sport Psychologist.

The Sport Psychologist, 2013, 27, 349-359
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Briegel-Jones, Knowles, and Eubank are with the Research
Institute of Sport and Exercise Sciences, Liverpool John Moores
University, Liverpool, UK. Giannoulatos is with Yoga Inspiration,
Manchester, UK. Elliot is with the Amateur Swimming
Association, Loughborough, UK.