Very excited to launch my new Yoga website.katie G logo 1 I have explored and achieved some amazing things over the years with Yoga. I have also been honoured to work with some incredible people at all levels from fit athletes to one to one sessions with terminally ill cancer patients. Achievements such as being an academic author, working with Olympians, and exhibiting my art with the UpsideDown project.
I thought it was to fitting to celebrate these achievements onto one awesome website. I hope it reflects the diversity of what yoga can offer to your life and what great things can be achieved. In my personal yoga journey, it provided a pathway …a tool in dealing life’s highs and lows. Truly beautiful. I never expected my life to turn out as it has, but I can proudly say that so far I have done my best, with hard work… and I have worked hard! I will continue to strive to learn and teach to the best of my ability.
I will do my best to make the website resourceful .
I hope you like it:)
Peace out x